12 Week Body Transformation: Beyond Just a Picture

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  Name: Kelly Age: 19 Weight loss: 7 lbs What steps did you have to do during your 12 week transformation to change your lifestyle? Definitely more structure concerning meal timing, frequency, and having meals prepped ahead of time! What was your goal for the transformation? To lose 5-8 lbs and get leaner. Focus was […]

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Why Am I Tired? The Underlying Cause…

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It seems like most woman I know, and many of the ones I treat, have gone from saying, “I’m just too busy” to “I’m so tired.” Too many of us write fatigue off as just being tired. Trying to understand the root cause of exhaustion can be complex, and it often requires making simple life changes over an […]

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Mental Training: How to Fix Your Mistakes


With January coming to an end, do you find yourself losing your motivation? If your goal is to live a fitter lifestyle and in need of a mindset overhaul, use the following tips as a primer to reset your mind, you can get back to why you started your fitness journey in the first place. Here is  a list […]

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So You Want to Compete?


You have a ripped, tanned body, and luscious locks and makeup. All eyes are on you as you walk onto the stage in a sparkling bikini and heels. Your family and friends are cheering as they watch you nail your poses. The judges call you out front and center–and award you with your trophy! Your […]

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The Dangers of Waist Trainers

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Just like fashions styles come and go; so do gimmicky products. What’s the newest product on the market taking the women’s health and fitness by storm? It’s called a waist trainer, and the idea is to train the waist to be smaller.  If it looks like a torture device, that’s because it almost is. These type of […]

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Take Your Thyroid on a Date to the Lab!

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Now that you have become familiar with the thyroid and the symptoms you are experiencing… you are ready to go to the doctors for some concrete answers. Making an appointment to see your physician can take time to get in, and we all know that when we do go in, it’s a quick turnover. YOU need to […]

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What Caused Your Hypothyroidism?

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The first step in treatment of hypothyroidism is to eliminate the effects and causes of YOUR thyroid dysfunction. This could be because of inflammation, overuse of medications, nutrient deficiencies, or changes in hormones due to stress. Have you thought of looking into the root cause of YOUR condition, rather then just treating the generic condition? Here are 9 Potential […]

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Resistance Starch Saves Money & Gut Health?

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Have you ever wondered why coaches and doctors look at the health of your gut when diagnosing hormonal issues? The connection might not be clear right away, but you will be an expert by the end of the blog! There are a few hormones that are produced in the gut, that might be the underlying cause […]

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Why Am I Losing Hair?

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Are you experiencing hair loss more than normal? When you wash and blow dry your hair, is there more hair on your brush and sink than months before? Sure, when we hit premeapasual times, our hair might feel “thinner”(due to the decrease in protein bonds; worth a separate post in the future)…. but I am talking about substantial hair […]

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Do I Have Adrenal Fatigue?

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Are you struggling to make it to the end of the day or regain your energy no matter what you try to do? The answer behind this madness could be your adrenals. I’ve seen this condition in both the “unhealthiest” and “healthiest” people; including competitors, marathon runners, yogi experts, business owners, teachers and stay at home moms. […]

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