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What is Team Bunny Competition Coaching?
Team Bunny Competition Prep Coaching is run exclusively by Jill Bunny. You will be getting one-to-one coaching, weekly check-ins, competition planning, posing coaching & access to discounts on suit/tanning companies. From Off Season to Dial-In, to reverse dieting, Team Bunny will ensure your entire journey to the stage is safe, enjoyable and memorable
Why Choose Team Bunny?

Team Bunny is a WOMEN'S only prep team, coached by ONLY Jill Bunny! With 4 IFBB titles, you will be coached by the highest ranked IFBB athlete in the world; who also has a full Nutrition, Life Coaching, Kinesiology degree. Team Bunny is the total package in competition prep for women competing in bikini, figure, and fitness. Every detail of competition preparation is accounted for & continuously monitored by your coach. She will do everything in her power to ensure you grace the stage looking your all-time best, with a community of bunnies supporting you EVERY step of the way!

Competition Prep Program Includes:
Post Competition Coaching Includes: 

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